Fall Still Hanging Around

This forest creature is benign, but he sure looks scary.

Susan shot me shooting her.

It’s been a while since my friend Susan and I have tromped all over the woods–life getting in the way and all–but yesterday we played hookey and did what we do best: photographed the beauty of nature. All the while, we were soaking in Mama Nature’s soothing caress.

Our excursion went into Botetourt County: Ikenberry Orchards, Fincastle, Daleville Town Center, Roaring Run Furnace. And it was lovely, even though this beautiful fall has passed its peak. There was still plenty to look at, plenty to appreciate. Here is some of that.

Roaring Run Furnace framed by fall.

Roaring Run Furnace.

More fall, more furnace.

Rail fence framed by nature.

Bridge to nowhere.

Fuzzy flora (sounds like a name for an exotic dancer).

You want peace? I give you peace.

Fall lingers.

The falls at Roaring is never less than beautiful.

When the sun hits the yellow leaves …

The water becomes cotton in low light.

Susan got some wonderful photos with her little camera. I wish she would post them.

Susan shot the following pictures of me, using various features on her little point-and-shoot camera. Cool stuff.

I look like Burl Ives here and if you don’t know who he is, think, “Have a holly-golly Christmas … “

Sometimes, fall is enough.

Mr. Studley Whiplash and his slung-over camera.

What the Brits would call a “draw-er-ing” of moi at the falls.

Exit, stage right.