Facebook Lockup: The World Continues To Turn

Somebody’s mis-behaaaaaaving.

This has been a substantial news event week and I’ve missed most of it because … well, frankly, I have serious burnout issues with the whole Trump thing, overhyped sports, superviruses, voting technology, and god knows whatall.

So, at night while y’all were watching the fake news or the SuperDuper Bowl or the State of the Union (starring Nancy Polosi tearing up Trump’s speech), or the impeachment trial, or the creeping creepy coronavirus as it lowers oil prices, or the Iowa un-Caucasus (and learning how to spell caucasus), or some other event of national significance, I was under house arrest at Facebook and took it out on a couple of pretty good books (The Eagle Has Landed  and The Night in Lisbon), two TV streamers (“Bones,” which I can’t get enough of and “Redemption Road”), and work on a project that has me all excited. (Whew! That was a long sentence!)

But I catch up on stuff in the Fake News Media in the morning before going to work or the gym and I find out all kinds of neat stuff (the highlight this morning was Pelosi). I’ve discovered that the SuperDuper Bowl ads were ordinary (Gasp!); that the $1.89 a gallon gas price I’ve just seen is all because of that Chinese Virus, which wasn’t affecting our elections; that the impeachment trial droned on without RBG, who could save us all a lot of headaches; that Iowa still doesn’t represent minority communities and still doesn’t look like the rest of us; and that Nancy Pelosi still has the number of the dude who lives in the White House with the woman who says she’s against cyberbullying.

So, I guess I haven’t missed much being on Facebook lockup.




Curses! Thrown Out Again

Well, dang. Just got a 24-hour Facebook suspension again for breaking community standards in a tongue-in-cheek post about land mines. No sense of humor, those FB wardens, but I can accept that decision if it is applied evenly.

My post could have easily been misinterpreted as racist by those who don’t know me and if that’s the case–and I’m sure it is for some–I apologize.

I will ask FB that it abide by rules we all would like to see in moderating political advertising and debate, rules that allow the most outlandish and radical of us to control the conversation. I think we have developed a skewed vision of the American voting public, substantially affected by Facebook.

Pampa Gets a Pedicure

This is Jade doing magic with my feets.

This morning came my second pedicure and it was as good as the first, several years ago. I gotta get on the regulars list at Polished.

My pedicurist was a young woman named Jade, who is a world-class conversationalist and a professional who did to my feet what god intended to have done to feet, I’d venture. She has blue and yellow hair offset by a golden smile and seven (expensive) tattoos. Colorful, she is.

I’m not walking this afternoon; I’m floating and when I look at my feet (yes, smartass, I can still see them), they look like they belong to somebody else.

Ahhhhhh. That was nice. Thank you, Kara–my daughter-in-law, who gave me the pedi for Christmas. Don’t you love Christmases that last into February?