Happy Birthday, Sarah B Rawz

My friend Sarah B Rawz in her best Wonder Woman pose.

My good friend Sarah B Rawz (the artist formerly known as Sarah Beth Jones) turned 39 today and I thought we’d do something fun to celebrate.

Sarah B has not been outdoorsy for most of her life. She’s finally discovering the appeal of being a jock and she’s good at it.

As a  matter of fact, she was quite the site today as we put our kayaks in the water for a birthday paddle at the Cove.

Sarah B is proud of her tattoo.

Sarah B is one of my favorite writers, but she makes most of her living as the chief honcho of Sarah B Rawz, Biz & Empowerment Coach (here), wherein she teaches people to be effective in business and other important settings. Sarah B, who used to write for me when I was a magazine editor (and is quite spectacular at it) has been one of our most popular teachers at the annual Roanoke Regional Writers Conference, where she can–and has–teach just about anything that is of interest to writers and other people who create stuff.

Sarah B and Pampa on the cove.

She recently moved from Floyd  to Roanoke, living in Old Southwest and making friends by the dozen, as she is prone to do. If you don’t know Sarah B yet, my guess is that you will and your life will be richer for it. Mine certainly has been.

Happy birthday, Wonder Sarah B.

This is my birthday girl in a reflective mood.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Sarah B Rawz

  1. Sad to hear you have moved from Floyd😢 LOL miss seeing you at Blackwater Loft..sorry we didn’t get together more…
    Peace & Joy to you!

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