A Different View of an Old Friend

The view from the Wiens’ deck.

My idea of summer food.

Yesterday, in pursuit of a story, I wound up on the deck of Ralph and Gia Wiens, a stone’s throw from my stomping grounds at Carvins Cove. Gia suggested I take their photo for the article on the deck and when we got there, I understood why. Above is the view.

I’ve shot Carvins Cove from far above on the Appalachian

From yesterday’s hike.

Trail many times, but I’ve never seen this view before yesterday. Imagine, if you will, sitting with friends around an open pit fire on the deck, enjoying your favorite form of sipping, watching the sun going down over the mountains in front of you.

That, boys and girls, is the very definition of the good life for me.

While we’re here, I thought I’d share a few other photos from the past couple of days, shots that look like summer to me.

My Tuesday lunch.

My friend Susan shot this remarkable photo yesterday evening on her walk along the Roanoke River.

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