It Ain’t S’posed To Be This Way

Roanoke, Virginia, rests in a temperate, moderate mountain climate zone where the mountains keep out the heat and retain the cool. Right?


The thermometer above is in my car, recording the temperature outside. This was in the shade, shortly before noon, just after I finished an interview for a magazine story in Vinton.

I grew up in west/central South Carolina, 350 miles south of here, where wet/hot summers are the norm. But I don’t recall many days in the 1950s and 1960s when the thermometer nearly burst from its excess. Those temperatures are becoming the norm here, however. God only knows what west/central South Carolina feels like.

My grandgirl is at Camp Alta Mons, just outside Shawsville this week and she has no A/C. My guess isĀ  she of the 2 percent body fat won’t suffer much, even with the high level of activity. But she’s 12 and I’m 70. It makes a difference.

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