… As Evening Breaks at the River

Susan paddles into the glorious sunset on the Roanoke River.

That’s me with the sun going down.

Susan and I went back and forth for several hours about whether we should put the boats into Tinker Creek late in the afternoon and paddle down to the Roanoke River and beyond. It was hot first–97 degrees. Then a nasty thunder storm system passed through the Roanoke Valley and they can be dangerous to those paddling with aluminum paddles.

We gritted our teeth, loaded the boats and set off to the 3rd Street ramp in Vinton to give it a shot. We were rewarded not only with a lovely evening of moderate temperatures and a light breeze, but a glorious sunset.

This was the maiden voyage for two new kayaks of mine. I sold two

Susan doing what Susan does so well.

–one almost new, but I didn’t like it; the other older, but still quite good–and bought a new hard-shell kayak that Susan broke in. I also bought a 10-foot inflatable boat that  my grandgirl will use, I suspect. I  thought it might be clunky. It was not: quite maneuverable and swift, in fact. I like it.

This was a luxurious paddle, soft, comfortable, scenic and mind-clearing. We’d both had a difficult week and by the time we got out of the water at close to 9 p.m., we could have poured ourselves into the truck. That is  relaxed.

Here are some photos we took of the adventure.

Susan found some crab leavings among the rocks under the Tinker Creek Greenway bridge.

Susan paddling under the Tinker Creek railroad bridge.

This is what a relationship on the rocks looks like.

Simply a lovely setting for boats and paddlers.

Hiawatha want go this way!

OK, so how do I get now now?

That’s a blue heron in the trees. Wish I’d had my long lens.

Susan shot me upside-down.

Susan fell in love with this tree and instructed, “Paddle over there!” Here’s there.

Susan liked the new boat a lot. It’s sleeker, faster and more maneuverable than the old one.

Hey, boys and girls! I’m loving this.

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