Like Pampa, Like Grandgirl

Maddie with her pampa’s two favorite toys: a boat and a camera.

Pals heading to the cove.

This has simply been a marvelous day, one for the book … books, actually.

It began with a zip! pop! bang! when, before 11 a.m., I mowed the lawn, began and finished a 20-page, hardback coffee table book and wrote and submitted a magazine article.

This afternoon, my grandgirl Madeline had a date to finish her book on GEMS Survival Camp (which she attended two weeks ago). Maddie wrote the narrative and I laid out the photos, some by me, most by Dina Bennett of GEMS, whom we both adore.

Miss “in shape” and her escort.

We topped it off with a paddle at Carvins Cove on a picture perfect–so to speak–summer’s day. Madeline got the opportunity to show off some of the outdoor stuff she’s learned in two camps (the second at Alta Mons in Montgomery County) and  to show off her conditioning. You’ll note that conditioning ran out (I had to tie her boat to mine and paddle back to the put-in point. Grandgirls always need their pampas).

The old veteran paddler is at home in the water.

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