Maddie and Mom See Sweet Baby James, Bonnie Raitt

James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt wrap up their concert with a duet.

Madeline’s and Kara’s view.

My best girl, Madeline, and her mom, Kara, trooped over to the Memphis Grizzlies  home basketball arena Saturday night to see James Taylor and Bonnie  Raitt, a couple of my generation’s performers, in concert.

Maddie didn’t know them. She explained to me that they are “country singers.” I explained that Bonnie Raitt is one of the best blues/jazz performers alive and that James Taylor is a folk legend. She was not convinced. After the performance, she assured me they “are country.” She also said she “really like them both.” She didn’t use the word “awesome” a single time, which was encouraging. They deserve better than that.

Maddie, on her phone, had to tell everybody where she was.

Their seats, which Kara won, were not run of the mill. They were in  the sky boxes, which are high, but “they were great seats,” said Madeline.

Happy gals hanging out.

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