A Dazzling Look from Margie

Margie showed up here today–on her day off from nursing at Warm Hearth Village in Blacksburg–in a dazzling outfit, one that she defined.

It is a red pants suit that, of course, she would never wear to work, since she’s limited to “scrubs” there.

This one makes it look like we have a date to go somewhere exotic and here I am sitting at my computer in shorts and T-shirt, writing a story that has taken me all day to complete. I worked out earlier, so I’m sweaty and my hair looks like I last washed it when Eisenhower was president.

When Margie walked into my office, it was like she was preceded by a soft, cool breeze on this warm day. The whole room lit up and then she smiled and it was like she shined an airplane landing light on me.

Pretty woman, that Margie. Especially pretty today.

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