Donald Trump and an Unexpected Nuclear War

I don’t generally seek out World War II documentaries, but last night, I watched “Hiroshima” on Netflix because … Well, I can’t really explain it. I realized this morning, though that Aug. 6 and 9 are the anniversaries of the dropping of nuclear bombs on two large Japanese cities in 1945. So, maybe something pulled me in.

First thing this morning, I read a Sarah Vowell essay in the NYTimes (here) on how our “incurious president” seems to be leading us blindly toward a nuclear showdown with Korea without any idea what he is doing or what the outcome might be. I would suggest he watch “Hiroshima,” since it is obvious he has no interest in reading about it.

President Harry Truman, who ordered Fat Man and Little Boy to be dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, seemed concerned later that the bombs had “killed all those children,” as if that was avoidable when dropping nuclear weapons on cities with nearly a million people. Of course, the targets were “industrial and military cities” like Birmingham, Alabama, only bigger and much older.

Truman, like today’s ignorant monster in the White House was not the sharpest pencil in the box, nor was he well prepared to take over in the event of FDR’s death, which was all but inevitable, given his state of health. As a matter of fact, Trump seems more FDR-like in the health department than many would predict. Evidence that the fast-food-eating, golf-cart-riding, stressed-out, blowhard with the explosive temper–who is 71 years old–will eventually blow up like the 1945 bombs up is pretty convincing.

Meanwhile, he could bomb North Korea, which could retaliate by bombing Honolulu and the game would be on. Only in this game “all those children” would be killed and Trump would have to think about that, if not read about it.

(Graphic: The Daily Sheeple)

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