Oz’s First Day of Becoming a Scholar

Off to school … for the first time.

No hesitation: Oz is ready to boogie.

Today is the first day of my grandboy, Oz’s, educational career. He was off this morning to school in Arlington, Tenn., where I suspect he will become a noteworthy entrant in the college class of 2033 or so.

I have no idea what 5-year-olds are studying these days, but my guess is that the teachers will spend a good deal of time refereeing when this rowdy little guy is in class. Oz had a tough beginning, suffering a debilitating breathing disorder that could have cost him his life.

His mom–especially–and his dad spent a lot of time treating him and he spent a great deal of effort overcoming the hand he was dealt. He’s a tough, willful little boy who can sometimes be difficult, but who is becoming more like his sister daily: kind, understanding and wise beyond his years.

Now, if we could just get him away from the dinosaurs and Marvel characters for a few minutes.

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