White Nationalist Virginia Protest Leaders Shame UVa, Tech

Richard Spencer.

Officials, teachers, students and graduates of Virginia’s two leading universities–Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia–must be feeling something other than proud of their heritage tonight, in light of today’s events in Charlottesville.

Jason Kessler, organizer of a white nationalist protest gathering today that blew up and resulted in three deaths, and Richard Spencer, the white nationalist who was to speak to the assembled tonight, are both UVa graduates. Steve Bannon, the white nationalist who is advising Donald Trump on a daily basis, graduated from Virginia Tech.

Jason Kessler.

I don’t know if the leaders of those great universities can actually take back the diplomas granted these three fascists, but I would suggest they at the very least disavow them and state publicly that these men have shamed UVa and Tech.

According to CNN, “Spencer denounced diversity as ‘a way of bringing to an end a nation and a culture’ defined by white people.”

One thought on “White Nationalist Virginia Protest Leaders Shame UVa, Tech

  1. They paid for and earned their degrees like anyone else. I believe college is where the ideas take root. It needs to be dealt with in college by expulsion.

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