Balancing C’ville Coverage? Why? The Riot Was One-Sided

Weapon of mass destruction in Charlottesville.

We’re all weary from reading the back and forth accusations about the Charlottesville murder and attempted murders, but this is a case where trying to cover “both sides” in the dispute results in false equivalency.

The right can’t accept responsibility for its club- and gun-wielding, Nazi-emblem-wearing representatives shouting 1935 Germany slogans, instead preferring to say “liberals did it, too.” Well, liberals didn’t do it, too. Liberals don’t carry guns, shields and war clubs and liberals don’t wear military gear emblazoned with Nazi symbols. They didn’t in the past, didn’t yesterday.

Fields: 542 miles to protest.

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings*” to a Trump Administration that tolerates, encourages and eggs on these “base voters.” Trump depends on people like James Alex Fields, Jr., of Maumee, Ohio, to boost his ego.

Fields, of course, is the man who traveled 542 miles to allegedly drive his car into a crowd of what he would likely call “snowflakes.” (Fields was caught red-handed by police and charged with murder.) He became part of a mob hell bent on inciting just exactly the kind of riot that ensued. “Good for bid-ness,” as Trump would say, ignoring the carnage.

My guess all along is that if nobody on the left had showed up, including major media outlets, the demonstration would have been covered by Fox News, fizzled out quickly and had a full news cycle life of about 24 hours–on the back page. As it is …

I, like most others, am at a loss for a solution so long as this intense hatred of anything liberal, Obama, Clinton, immigrant, African-American, Jewish and a whole litany of insults to the right exists. We can’t reason with these people and many of us have given up trying. Most of them never cared for trying.

A shooting war? That may have started yesterday in Charlottesville with three deaths (two of police officers in the crash of a helicopter monitoring the rally and a young woman in the path of the murder vehicle). All the while, the White House is tweeting threats to Korea and Venezuela, talking out of both sides of its mouth to China, dodging a treason investigation, turning loose the EPA to destroy the environment and the Department of Education to dismantle public schools, supporting the end of health insurance for all but the financially comfortable and working for more tax breaks for the 1 percent.


(* Sometimes Shakespeare says it better.)

(Photo: The Daily Beast)

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