Late Summer, Roaring Run, Happy People

Roaring Run, late summer, 2017.

It was such a gorgeous late summer day today that apparently few who thought about it could resist a trip to Roaring Run up in Botetourt County. Maybe the biggest crowd I’ve ever seen up there and they were hiking, swimming, sliding on the big creek rocks and fishing for native trout.

My relaxed hiking bud, Christine Ward.

People were smiling and kids were behaving–a small miracle in itself. I took a photo of a family at the falls and the 6-year-old son gave me a rock he’d found in the river, asking me if I knew what kind of rock it was. “Oh, it’s a worry rock,” said I. “See how smooth it is on this side? That’s because somebody has rubbed it smooth with his thumb, getting rid of his worries.” The kid was impressed.

My longtime pal Christine accompanied me on the walk and said it was the first time since about 2000 that we’d walked the Run, marveling at how the trail had changed. “They really keep this up, don’t they?” she said.

One of the five bridges crossing the creek.

The obligatory pose on Yoga Rock.

My pal and me at the falls (that white thing behind us).

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