Making the U.S. Work: A Simple Solution

Robert Reich, the leftist’s leftist has figured it out to simple six-part solution. Here‘s how those on my side of the political spectrum would like to see the United States work:

1. Public investments in world-class schools and infrastructure for all.

2. Free public universities and first-class technical training for all;

3. Single-payer Medicare-for-All;

4. Higher taxes on the wealthy to pay for this;

5. Using antitrust to break up powerful monopolies on Wall Street, Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Agriculture.

6. Getting big money out of our politics.

I would add a seventh: Make gerrymandering much more difficult than it is by creating state panels of equally bi-partisan judges, headed by the state Supreme Court’s top judge. In states where judges are elected (generally along gerrymandered district lines), use public university presidents.

And No. 8: re-install the Fairness Doctrine, which ensures fairness from broadcast media. When a Ronald Reagan-appointed court overturned the Doctrine, it gave rise to Limbaugh/Fox/Hannity and our political system quickly fell apart.

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