ACA Insurance Carriers Exiting Virginia

My friend Jan Keister sent me this from the Williamsburg newspaper (here) and it’s not good news for those leaning heavily on the ACA for their insurance in Virginia:

Optima Health announced Wednesday that it will continue to offer medical insurance via the Affordable Care Act, but it will limit plans to areas that have Sentara Healthcare facilities.

Hampton Roads residents who are insured through the ACA will still be able to get medical coverage from Optima Health, although it will come at a price: ACA premiums — for about 70 percent of plan members — will go up about $4 a month, according to an Optima news release.

For the other 30 percent of Optima Health members, premiums will go up even more — about than 81 percent on average. That rise comes, in part, as a planned rate increase, but also due to the uncertainty of “cost sharing reductions” that will no longer be funded after three national companies have withdrawn from the ACA exchange.

The move comes as Anthem Inc, Aetna and UnitedHealthcare Group have exited the ACA exchange, leaving more than 350,000 Virginians without health insurance as of Jan. 1, 2018, according to an Optima Health news release.

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