Roanoke’s Rife + Wood Firm Purchased

My old buddy Richard Rife at the Roanoke Regional Airport. No, he’s not flying away (despite the winged head).

My old friend Richard Rife and his partner Jeff Wood have sold their architectural firm and Jeff is turning to a new venture while Richard joins the purchasing firm, IDG.

Rife + Wood has been the architect for many major projects in the Roanoke Valley over the years (including the city’s two new high schools and their football fields) and my guess is that you’ll see Richard’s and Jeff’s imprint on more in the future.

Here’s the press release:

Several months ago, Bill Hume, President of the Roanoke architectural firm Interactive Design Group (IDG), approached us with an offer to acquire Rife + Wood. Jeff Wood and I have known Bill for many years as he worked for Rife + Wood prior to leaving in 1997 to start IDG. Confident that IDG would provide high quality service to our clients, Jeff and I decided the time was right for us to try something new and we accepted his offer.

As part of this transaction, I will be joining IDG on November 1 as Senior Project Manager and will continue to serve Rife + Wood’s clients. I am looking forward to again working with Bill and Stephen Feather and the very talented staff that IDG has assembled. I have been very impressed with the advanced digital visualization technology utilized by IDG and I am excited at being able to share this capability with our clients.

Jeff Wood will follow his interests in architectural design, project visualization, travel, renovation, and housing in a new business form: Jeff Wood Designs, LLC.

Rife + Wood Architects will formally close its doors on October 31.

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