Thanksgiving: A Time To, Uh, Pig Out

Margie and me with our over-filled plates. We ate the whole thing (and she did pecan pie, too).

Evan and Margie try the wine.

So I’ve already written about how thankful I am and now we can get down to the serious issue of the season: eating, which I often do very well.

Yesterday we met in late afternoon at my daughter-in-law’s dad’s house for a pig-out with nearly everybody contributing a dish or two … or three. As mentioned, I provided the mac and cheese and a moist cornbread turkey dressing, but the table was over-filled (running over onto the kids’ table) with turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, Southern green beans, rolls, wondrous cranberry relish (with a whole orange ground up into it) and sundry other items. There was plenty of pecan pie, which I can’t eat. Margie compensated for my inability on the pie.

Grandboy Oz and me.

Margie provided red and white wine and my son (who partially put himself through college as something of a wine expert in a high-end liquor store in Knoxville) pronounced it “good.” That’s about as flattering as Evan gets.

There was not a single mention of politics or you-know-who, for which I was grateful. It was all about family … and eating.

Now, it’s about getting back to my exercise routine, which took a vacation for the past five days or so and for which I am paying a premium.

Two of my favorite people of the female persuasion: Maddie and Margie. Look at those smiles.

Even placing the mac ‘n’ cheese; Maddie anticipating munching on it.


Daughter-in-law Kara and her mom, Judy, chowing down.


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