A Lovely Day with the Pampettes

Maddie and me and the Christmas tree.

Oz chows down on a City Market snow cone.

Yesterday was the kind of warm, sunny fall weekend day that I often imagine spending with the Pampettes (my grandkids) and for a change, the reality of the day matched the imagination of what it should be.

There was nothing fancy going on, but when I see the kids only twice a year, each moment is precious.

My son Evan, grandboy Oz and I spent some time downtown eating, exploring and introducing Oz to the ice skate park at Elmwood, which was ready to attack, skates or no. He’ll get to do that today.

Oz and Evan showed me the gym at their downtown hotel.

Madeline and I spent some time together in the afternoon talking about Important Things (how screwed up school is) and  putting up my little white Christmas tree, something we’ve done often in the past.

The job consists of retrieving the tree from basement and plugging it in. She did that and I cleared the space. But hey, not every chore has to be complex.

Today: more of the same.

Oz loves the ice skating park in downtown Roanoke.

That’s me stealing some of Oz’s “Tiger Blood” snow cone. (Oz shot the photo.)

This lovely woman remembered Oz from when he visited this past summer.

Oz and Pampa pause for a pose.

Evan coaxing a reluctant Oz to eat some Indian food. (My plate is on the right.)

My buddy found something he liked: mango pudding.

Oz grabbed my camera and shot this of his dad.

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