A Brief, Memorable Visit

Madeline pushes her lazy little brother.

My son’s family goes back to Memphis tomorrow, unofficially halfway across America, and leaves me with some pretty good photos of our time at Thanksgiving, 2017.

I like these quick intense visits, though I would really like having them around more, so Madeline and I could hang out and Evan and I could talk football. But, as Ev says, “It is what it is.” And what it is now is these photos.

Evan with Maddie and her mom at the skating rink.

Maddie hit the deck, but later skated quite well.

Evan liked the little penguin.

Oz ready to take off down the ice run …

… and here comes Oz.

A father-daughter stroll on the ice.

A hug from grandma.

Mom and Dad enjoying being parents.

Maddie at a video game in the pinball museum.

Evan looks like a pro.

Oz has his own way of playing.

The family that plays (pinball) together, stays together.

Group action at the pinball museum.

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