A Book for Your Christmas Stocking (At a Real Deal)

Here’s a Christmas gift tip for those of you who want something local, full of heritage and wildly entertaining:

Today, BookBub, the website that features some of the best reading available in the country for a price that is absurd on the low end, is featuring my friend Leah Weiss’ book “If the Creek Don’t Rise” for a fraction of its cover price (something like $2.50). It would make a great Yule gift.

Kirkus reviews calls the book “A beguiling, compelling read … This Appalachian tale is a strong, formidable novel for readers of William Faulkner and Cormac McCarthy.” Strongly reminiscent in tone and language of “To Kill a Mockingbird.” A work of art in words. Leah lives in Lynchburg and the book is on its way to becoming a best seller.

I told you about this book as Leah was writing it and it is receiving the high praise I thought it would  from a diverse set of reviewers at every level..

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