Trolleys and Trains and Greenways, Oh, My!

That’s the trolley between rail cars.

Went down to Carilion Riverside this morning to have some blood work done and after being stuck and withdrawn, I went for a little walk along the greenway. Along the way, I ran into this train and the Carilion trolley on the other side.

I needed to pick up some theater tickets, so I hitched a ride on the trolley and got dropped off downtown, a seven-minute ride and no problems parking. Only thing was, Mill Mountain Theatre is closed Mondays, so the trip was fruitless. Except that riding that little bus-ette is a lot of fun.

Nice view of the end of the train.

One thought on “Trolleys and Trains and Greenways, Oh, My!

  1. Going downtown? Park your motor vehicle in the VTC parking garage and catch the trolley. The only setback is that the trolley does not run after 7:00PM nor on Saturday and Sundays. SAD. Stops lots of places including the Library, Hampton Inn and the Market Building.
    The Smart Bus between Roanoke and Blacksburg stops at the VTC research Institute, Campbell Court, Hotel Roanoke, Airport, Exit 140 and 118A Park and Ride, Christiansburg Kmart, the VT corporate Research center, mainstreet Blacksburg and the Squires Student center. Leaves downtown Roanoke as early as 5:15am. and as late as 8:20 or 10:15PM.

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