It’s Back to Church for My Pal and Me

Susan shot this of me jumping the creek. I like the shot. Shows an old man still able to do cool stuff.

Susan and me celebrating Sunday.

It’s been a few weeks since my friend Susan and I celebrated our Sunday with our version of church, but yesterday, we managed to not only commune with nature in our own celebration of the spiritual, but we found a delightful breakfast before we entered the woods.

After a search that eliminated three different breakfast spots in downtown (or near downtown) Roanoke because they didn’t open until 10 a.m., we settled on Scrambled on City Market and found its food and ambiance to our liking.

Then it was off to the greenway to celebrate Sunday morning with glorious color, a brook that defined “babbling” and back to Grandin Village for lunch at the Co-Op. It was a lovely day and I got to see my friend, whom I have missed, for nearly five hours. Good stuff that.

Susan’s photo of what we’re celebrating.

Pampa digs church.

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