Nancy Agee: Virginia’s Best in Business

My old pal Nancy Agee, CEO and President of Carilion, has been named the top business professional in Virginia, a recognition she richly deserves. Nancy has instituted the kind of team approach to leadership at Carilion that has resulted in better health care treatment, happier staff and international recognition.

She’s one of those rare business professionals who honestly believes it is more important to have good outcomes than it is to be given credit for those outcomes.  Her team approach has the goal of empowering all of the 13,000 Carilion employees in 300 square miles of Western Virginia.

She’s in a position that invited criticism (head of a huge health care concern), and as often as I hear Carilion criticized, I can’t recall anybody saying anything negative about Nancy. In our country’s health care system, health organizations are wide open for criticism, regardless of what they do, but Carilion is one of those that works–in my personal experience.

I interviewed Nancy for a magazine story I just finished writing last week and she chatted briskly about a trip she’d just taken to China where she gave a presentation (the second by an American in the history of this particular conference), but she was far more interested in talking about how clean the country is, how careful visitors have to be and how she hiked the great wall. She’s president of the American Hospital Association and is almost constantly traveling in that capacity.

Virginia Business Magazine, which rarely seems to know Western Virginia exists, selected her as its top business person (here).

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