New Year’s Goals [Not Resolutions]

Because my last two years worth of blog posts were erased by somebody who was mad at me, I can’t go back and see how I did during 2017, but I can press ahead with this annual exercise that has met with varying degrees of success (and failure).

Let me note that my goal (the one I remember) of losing weight–25 pounds–was not met. However, I weigh six pounds less than I did last Jan. 1. Progress, I’d say, though hardly anything to celebrate.

Herewith, my 10 goals for 2018, none of which includes the longevity of the people living in the White House.

  1. Be a good friend, a good partner to Margie, a good parent and a good grandparent. I’ve done the former and latter pretty well. It’s the parent I’ve had trouble with. Margie would have to judge the partner deal.
  2. Stay active. I’m 71 and have been without cigarettes 25 years (in January) and alcohol 24 years (in May) and that has allowed me to stay busy and in pretty good shape. “Active” in this case also means mentally acute. That doesn’t just prolong life; it makes life more enjoyable. I don’t want to live beyond enjoyment. Tolerating or accepting life won’t do.
  3. Contribute to my community. This is important to me because community is small enough for each of us to affect in a positive way.
  4. Continue writing professionally. Retirement is not an option for a lot of reasons, primarily because I damn well don’t want to. I enjoy my profession as much as I did 53 years ago when I started at 18 and couldn’t even type.
  5. Listen more acutely and resist responding to that with which I disagree until I have a solid argument. And then, be kind.
  6. Be respectful to those with whom I disagree, and that would be a lot of people, especially you know who.
  7. Eliminate people from my life who don’t contribute something positive, and try to contribute positively to those I care about on a daily basis.
  8. Perform at least one act every day that is kind, thoughtful or encouraging without making a big deal out of it.
  9. Have fun, smile, laugh and encourage others to do so.
  10. Be vigilant and watch for dangers in all aspects of our lives, especially politically, where the unthinkable has been happening for a while.

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