Mark the Date: Jan. 20, Women’s March

Last year’s Women’s March crowd was estimated at 3,500 in Roanoke.

My sign-holding friend Marj Easterling’s voice was loud.

Mark Jan. 20 on your calendar in red. It’s Round II of the Women’s March, 11 a.m.-4 p.m. in Elmwood Park, Roanoke. Last year’s event, like so many throughout the U.S. was central in beginnings of efforts to kick Donald Trump and his anti-Americans out of office. Virginia, during this most recent election cycle, showed the power of the vote.

This year’s march will be headed by a group of women led by ex-Marine Melissa Anderson. Men are not only invited, but encouraged to march, carry signs, yell, hold hands and encourage. This march isn’t just about women. It is about the rights and freedoms of us all. If we allow one American to be bullied and deprived by a government that was essentially elected by Russian espionage, we have all failed.

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