Today’s Find: A Harley Moped

The Harley moped at Charlotte’s Web.

I visited Charlotte’s Webb, an antiques Mall on Main Street in Salem yesterday and ran smack into this little beauty as I entered the front door. It’s a Harley-Davidson moped. I had no idea Harley made bikes this small (50cc), but this baby is gorgeous and it’s price is equally impressive: $2,800. The proprietor said it would go 70 mph, though I can’t imagine why anybody would want to do that.

Charlotte’s Web is a clean, neat, well-organized antiques mall (one of two really nice ones in the Roanoke Valley, the other on U.S. 460 east) that is crammed full of goodies, though the cramming does not block the shopping. I’ve been to malls that had so much stuff in them that shopping was more like “picking” (going through the attic).


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