Endorsing for City Council? Easy

Joe Cobb

Sat next to my old buddy John Garland, a Roanoke City Councilman, a few days ago at Downshift, an interesting little Roanoke coffee bar and bike shop (who knew?) on Campbell Avenue in downtown Roanoke. We chatted a bit as I awaited an interview subject to arrive and the topic–as it generally does with John–turned to local politics.

“Who are you endorsing for city council this spring?” he asked.

“I don’t think there’s any question,” I said. “Joe Cobb and Djuna Osborne are no-brainer selections.” He wanted to know my third pick, since three seats are open. “Nobody,” I said. “I’m really confident Djuna and Joe will actually DO something to affect change, which we need. Nobody else who has announced will do that, in my opinion.

Djuna Osborne

“Joe and Djuna will listen and they will hear and I suspect both will act, since they have a history of doing just that.

“I don’t see another candidate who will offer a change from what we have, which [outside John] is a passive rubber stamp of a council that doesn’t ask questions, doesn’t offer real solutions.

“Joe and Djuna will do both and they will get things stirred up in a positive way. Council seems to have lost confidence in its ability to function without being led by the nose.”

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