A Bakery for the Flour(less) Child In You

Kathy Hodges checks me and my half-a-loaf out.

I ran in to the attractive little neighborhood bakery Corbin’s Confections at Library Square in downtown Salem a little while ago while waiting to interview a guy for a story I’m writing and found a pleasant surprise.

Corbin’s is for people who like breads and pastries, but don’t do wheat or nuts or a bunch of other modern no-nos. The goodies are all baked on-site and they’re good. You should try one of the bagels made by Kathy Hodges and her daughter Shana Brown. I bought half a loaf of wheat-free, multi-grain bread just to try it (and because it was just about the only thing in the store I could afford at $4. A full loaf is $8).

People who want specialty goods are generally willing to pay premium prices and Corbin’s has those. It also has quality goods. You might want to try it. You can get a loan on your house.

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