Winter Hike: Wet, Crisp, Clear, Invigorating

My new-ish Nikes didn’t much like the mud.

There was plenty of color if you looked closely.

February 9 isn’t generally considered to be the heart of hiking season, but today was just fine, thank you. It was clear, crisp and, quite simply, gorgeous in that winter way. And it wasn’t all that gray when you looked closely.

I haven’t been out for a couple of weeks and thought I might feel that today, but I breezed along, enjoying every step on a trail that was mostly soaked, when it wasn’t crunchy with leftover ice.

Here are some photos from the run up Tinker Mountain.

Two different varieties of moss and decaying vegetation make a lovely bouquet.

This ice was thin and small, but slippery.

Rock formation on the way up the mountain.

The view through the trees is splendid in February.

A small creek in the background had thawed and was flowing briskly.

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