Daisy’s and My Anniversary

Me ‘n’ Daisy in the driveway.

You can pronounce this weird all you want, but today is Daisy’s and my second anniversary. Yes, Daisy is my VW bug and I adore her. I first saw her in March of 2015, sitting on a car lot off Peters Creek Road in Roanoke, mostly covered with snow. I fell in love instantly and bought Daisy before the day was out.

It has been a lovely pairing. Daisy reflects how I feel about myself, about life, about so very much. She’s bright, colorful, fun, spunky and ready to drive the interstates or the back roads (I spend a lot of time on the back roads where my truck used to take me; I still have my truck, which hauls my kayaks and it’s been a great vehicle).

So, happy anniversary little Daisy. You’re my favorite.

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