Roaring Run in Black and White and Color

This is where Roaring Run gets its name.

The 1840s-era furnace.

Yesterday was a Plan B day because of the wintry precipitation mess, but today was dang-near perfect for the originally planned hike. So, today, it was off to Botetourt County and Roaring Run Furnace with its always-lovely waterfall.

It didn’t disappoint, as you can see in these photos.

I’ve been to Roaring Run many times, but saw this bridge for the first time today.

The bridge creates its own artwork.

Tiny native rainbow trout haunt the waters and tempt fishermen.

I went up the mountain to get to the falls, instead of taking the usual trail.

The blues and browns of the winter woods.

The winter colors can be bright as neon.

The falls in black and white are striking.

The little stream has its own whitewater rapids after heavy rain.

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