DJUNA! She’s Off and Running

Djuna Osborne in Del. Sam Rasoul’s iPhone.

Djuna Osborne

Rookie Democratic political candidate Djuna Osborne received a vigorous sendoff from a room full of people at noon today, a gathering that included no news media (except for me). TV, radio and the local daily and local weeklies obviously had other fish to fry that did not include one of the season’s hottest trends: the coalescing of the Democratic Party.

Djuno Osborne exemplifies that resistance to the Trump Administration, having already been a primary organizer of two recent jaw-dropping (and media attracting) events: the Women’s March, which drew about 3,500 people and the faux Town Hall meeting for an absent–except for a cardboard cutout–Bob Goodlatte.

Alicia Nash, Anne Piedmont celebrate.

Djuna (pronounced Juna) is a woman with quite a compelling story of courage, grit and determination. She works on the front-lines–often the violent front lines–of social services and has been a victim of domestic violence. “I have been beaten and brutally terrorized by a domestic partner and a year later was run over by a truck,” she said from the podium. She later said it is “something I don’t talk about much.”

Thomas Ryder, Sam Rasoul

She said that when she “healed, I was better than before.” She says she’s up for a fight with three-term representative Chris Head, an enthusiastic Trump supporter who stresses NRA values (which include allowing the mentally ill and those who are on the “no-fly” list to own guns) and hard-core anti-abortion supporter.

Djuno is “going to ask you for every dollar you have and all the time you can spend” helping the campaign.

Sam Rasoul introduces Djuna Osborne.

Full house awaits the announcement.

Djuna Osborne delivers.

Djuna with Sen. John Edwards.

Djuna talks to a supporter.

Djuna with Democrats Steve McGraw, Edwards and Rasoul.

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