Students Can Help Stop the Killing, As They Did in the 1960s

The smattering of student demonstrations against the mass Florida AR15 murders don’t amount to much more than a single news cycle diversion right now, but I’m hoping that, like the Women’s March shortly after Trump was elected, they’ll grow to overwhelming numbers.

I’d love to see junior high and high school walkouts (small children are too small for that) with gatherings at the various city halls in the country, as well as at the offices of representatives at the city, state and national levels. Making their non-voting voices heard in Washington is important, but so is getting the attention of state delegates and even city council representatives. Cities can regulate guns much more effectively than we are led to believe and my guess is that local cops will be on the kids’ sides.

I can’t wait for my grandgirl Madeline to lead a contingent of junior high kids marching,  chanting and carrying signs like it was the 1960s again. Remember this: Students got us out of Vietnam. They can help stop the current killing of our young, as well.

(Photo: University of Iowa archive.)

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