Danica and the Boys: Emoting Hope

Danica Rhoem with Joe Cobb, John Edwards and Sam Rasoul: “A Muslim, a gay guy, a transgender woman” and an old white guy.

Danica Roem: Blunt, salty and hopeful.

I don’t get wound up over politicians much any more because I’ve been far too disappointed far too often in the past, but this morning’s meeting of Danica Roem may have changed that.

Danica won a Virginia General Assembly seat this past fall from one of the worst of our legislators, a long-time bigot from Northern Virginia whose seat seemed destined to be his until his death. But Danica, a woman who is everything her opponent was not (including being Virginia’s first transgender House member) whipped his sorry ass good and became a national story.

This morning I saw how she did it. She is a former newspaper reporter, a blunt-spoken, salty, funny, earnest, warm and hopeful woman who seems to have leadership built into her genes.

Joe and Emma: a touching moment.

Danica was in Roanoke (driving four hours from home and getting up at 0:dark:30 to do it) to support the City Council candidacy of Joe Cobb, a candidate who is gay (and also a minister). Joe is a guy I like and support and like Danica, he is a person with seemingly limitless energy, hope and courage.

Also there supporting Joe were Senator John Edwards and Delegate Sam Rasoul. At one point, Danica mentioned the encouraging fact that she was standing with “a Muslim, a gay guy and a transgender person,” as well as an old white guy. As John said, “We look like Roanoke.”

Danica basically stole the show with her 10-minute talk, delving into the importance of the mundane in politics. When she moved into social issues, into helping the poor and giving hope to us all, she was at her very best. Joe followed her by stealing a lot of hearts when he asked his pregnant daughter, Emma, to join him so he could talk about what wonderful daughter–and family–he has. Left us all a bit misty.

Yesterday, I was pissed off, stressed and really in the dumps, mostly because of the jerk in the White House. Today, I’m floating with hope because of the elected (and to be elected) people in front of me this morning. Thanks guys (and gals).

Joe and Danica: Sharing a message of hope.

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