A (Big) Gathering of Authors

Liz Long with some of her books.

Liz signs for a fan.

Liz Long’s Author Invasion at the Holiday in all day today was an impressive spectacle of at least 69 mostly young, mostly independent writers of mostly fiction in order to meet readers and sell books.

Liz is one of the best known indys in the region and is the director of the Roanoke Regional Writers Conference, which I founded 11 years ago and remain involved with. She is also the editor of the Roanoker magazine (for which I frequently write).

Doloris Vest of Book No Further shows off Lynchburg’s Leah Weiss’ red hot “If the Creek Don’t Rise.”

Cheyenne Williams of Radford (right) pauses to study a book.

Author Nicole Zoltack struck me as a teenager. She is not. She swears it.

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