Gilley’s: Red Earth and a Possible Roanoke Connection

Red Earth from Gilley’s could easily be addicting.

If this dish–Red Earth from Gilley’s in Blacksburg–were addicting, I’d be looking to start a 12-step program. It is simply wonderful and every time I go to Blacksburg, I at least consider stopping and having a plate of it.

Today, Margie and I drove down to pick up a couple of pieces of furniture that she was selling and I suggested Gilley’s. Here’s a photo of what I ate. Red Earth is fried potatoes with scrambled eggs and salsa piled on top, and a fresh, homemade biscuit on the side.

We talked to the owner, Jan Gilley, who looks like a long-in-the-tooth merchant sailor on shore leave, and Jan said he’s considering putting down a Gilley’s in Roanoke. I encouraged him because, I said, “Roanoke gets up early and loves breakfast,” which it does.

Hope he moves puts another restaurant here (“I’m not really sure. Running one is enough of a job, but Roanoke is tempting”). Problem is the 12-step program I’d have to start.

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