Blocked Driveway Equals Vandalism by Egg

The egg bounced off my truck and hit the ground.

Here’s the egg on the truck. It came off easily with vinegar and water.

It’s odd how one misfortune often leads to another. I mentioned a little over a week ago that there was a problem with the water line in front of my house and that the city fixed it–after about a week. But it broke again. And it was fixed again.

And it broke again and this time it hasn’t been fixed. Seems a neighbor of mine backed into the fire hydrant in front of my house–twice–causing a pretty good rupture. Right now, the repair is in mid activity, but the city’s fix-it guys aren’t anywhere to be found. They came in Thursday, dug holes, left them, came back for a few minutes Friday and put up some forms to pour concrete, then left again.

This is the entrance to my driveway. Dammit.

One of the guys told Margie it would be a week before they could fix it. No explanation why. Soooo. I had to park my car and my truck on the street because the driveway was blocked. I always park in the driveway because people tend not to vandalize cars that are in the driveway.

First damn night they sat in the driveway, they got egged. That’s not major property damage and it isn’t a calamity, but it’s annoying as hell, especially given that the city should have repaired the street by Friday.

Anyhow, all that led me to put in a camera outside the house, so if somebody else breaks into my car or eggs it, I can report it and get their asses to the hooscow.

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