Land Near Carvins Cove Out for Development?

The area in red is the proposed site. Carvins Cove is at the top left.

Roanoke and Botetourt Counties are apparently in the process of marketing 155 acres of land near Carvins Cove, potentially to industry.

A friend sent me this feeler from that describes the large plot and she says, “My main concern would be water pollution to Carvins Cove, since manufacturing is listed.” The Cove is Roanoke’s primary source of water. The cove is a large compound on the other side of I-81 from the property in question. The posting notes that the property is “in a foreign trade zone.”

Those of you who read this blog occasionally know that I am an avid kayaker at the cove, but it is far more important to the region than for boating, fishing and hiking and there are plenty of places to put manufacturing companies that don’t threaten our water.

4 thoughts on “Land Near Carvins Cove Out for Development?

  1. I’m also an environmentalist and concerned about our water supplies.

    But why the knee jerk reaction against the sale of land which does not touch the reservoir?

    There are so many clean industries here in SW VA which couldn’t pollute if they wanted to.

    Rather than stir up reactions against this inevitable sale, why not help by proposing environmental conditions on any potential developer? It would be a win win situation for all.

    (In truth, I’m more concerned about cattle farmers who allow their cattle to wallow in our streams, defecating in the water and destroying the water quality. Every time I go kayaking I run into groups of cattle in the streams. Why is no one raising this issue [my guess, it’s not as sensational as big companies]).

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