Madeleines for Madeline from La Madeleine

Maddie takes a bite.

My grandgirl, Madeline, got her madeleines yesterday and pronounced them “delicious.”

I put out a call on Facebook about two weeks ago, asking where to get good madeleines, the little French cakes, and got all kinds of suggestions. But the best was from my pal Kerry Hurley, the blues singer and radio host, who said he was on his way to New Orleans for a jazz festival and he’d pick up some there.

Little did I know, but La Madeleine French Bakery & Cafe in NO is madeleine central. The little cakes came in their own box and bag from the bakery, enriching the experience. Maddie obviously liked the idea and the cakes. Here is her response in photos by her mom, Kara.

Opening the box.

Reading my very merry un-birthday note.

Inside the box is a bag, wrapping a box.


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