The Kaine-Holton Tradition Continues

Woody Kaine

Woody Kaine, the son of Virginia Senator (and VP nominee last year) Tim Kaine, has been arrested for rioting at an anti-Trump event (March4Trump) and daddy is proud of his young’un. As he should be.

The Kaines and Holtons of Virginia are a notable family on a number of levels. You know about Kaine and his wondrous wife, Anne, the Virginia Secretary of Education and may remember that Linwood Holton (for whom Woody is named) was a Republican governor back when Republicans were still Americans. Linwood sent his children to newly-integrated public schools in the 1970s and opposed nutjob Republican gubernatorial candidates like Oliver North later.

Tim Kaine is quoted by the Washington Post as saying, “We love that our three children have their own views and concerns about current political issues. They fully understand the responsibility to express those concerns peacefully.” Tim’s brother Nat is a Marine and his sister Annella is in college. They are all sharp and independent.

From the video I’ve seen, the “riot” was hardly that and I’ve seen (and been in) real riots. This was more of a disagreeable dust-up with cops pretending we live in a police state.

Some years ago, when my son was in college and was serving his second year as president of his fraternity, the national governing board of Delta Tau Delta got pissed off at him because he thought there were far more important goals (like helping freshmen adjust to college, working in the community) for the frat to be involved in than homecoming floats. The governing board disagreed and fired Evan. Most of the fraternity left with my son. I was never more proud of him. I love it when kids spit in the face of unreasonable authority.

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