AARP Faces Threat from Far Right

Got two pieces of mail today that could seriously mess with my serenity if I’d let it, but I won’t. As a matter of fact, I think I’ll do a little ridiculing in order to salvage my peace and quiet.

First, Appalachian Power, which has been assaulting me with mail for more than two years threatening me with thousands of dollars in charges because my electrical connection is all but certain to fail, in which case … well … you know. APCo wants me to pay for insurance against an event that my insurance agent (whom I consulted) said “is a virtual certainty not to happen.” Saying he’s never had a client who faced that scenario, he compared it to getting insurance against falling off the Matterhorn. Once again, I placed the letter in the circular file.

The other piece of junk mail comes from something called Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) the most recent counter to the trusted, solid, dependable American Association of Retired People (AARP), which has been lobbying for old people since I can remember.

AARP at times feels like the only thing between some of us and homelessness, especially in light of the Republican Party’s goal of shutting down Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. AMAC says right out of the box that it is a pro-Trump outfit and it is pissed at AARP because it wants to sue Trump (for myriad reasons). It calls AARP “a radical left-wing group.” I will take issue with that, noting that the biggest reason I initially balked at joining AARP was because it was too damn conservative.

” … liberals who run the AARP are betraying you and millions of other conservative retirees,” says AMAC’s literature. That’s just bullshit. I will simply say that if you oppose Social Security, Medicare, etc., then by all means join this group of very wealthy retirees who don’t give a damn about you and others whose retirement is not in seven figures.

For me, I’ll stick with AARP, liberal or conservative. Makes no dif to me. It is effective and stands for my safety and security.

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