Pampa’s Precious Pickles Preserved

Mother Smith’s World Famous Home Made Sugar-Free Bread and Butter Pickles.

Yesterday, I picked my first cucumbers of the season. Today, I ate my first home made sugar-free bread and butter pickle on a tuna sandwich (the pickle and the bagle were roughly the same diameter).

That was quick, you might say, but I work fast. Simple recipe (with Stevia instead of sugar) and an overnight soak in a sealed jar and, presto! It’s pickles. Pretty dang good, too.

2 thoughts on “Pampa’s Precious Pickles Preserved

    • Oh, my, Mary. I don’t generally do recipes, but I’ll give it a stab. In a large jar that can be sealed (a little more than a quart), I poured about half a cup of white vinegar, two tablespoons of stevia (sugar substitute), five sprigs of dill (whole sprigs), a tablespoon of sea salt and about two or three cups of water. I taste the mixture and adjust ingredients to my taste. I cut in four freshly picked pickling cucumbers, but you can put a wide variety of veggies into the mix and come up with good pickles (zucchini, yellow squash, cabbage–red or green–peppers, corn, smoked sausage and lordy, just about anything).

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