Pampa and Pampette Paddle Provocatively

Maddie shows off the big fish skeleton she found on an island.

Check our rock-skipping form.

My grandgirl, Madeline, and her family made it to Roanoke for her summer blowout this past weekend and almost immediately she and I hit the water.

I had a new boat for her, an inflatable kayak, thinking maybe she’d paddle the bejabbers out of it, but I still wound up towing her the last 200 yards or so of our little lake journey.

Still, we had a swell time, she exploring, us skipping rocks and telling stories. She has picked up that special Smith trait, the storyteller.

The photos here are by my friend Susan, who went with us to paddle, and me. I think you can tell by our expressions that we had quite a time.

Susan, doing what she does: photographing.

That’s me with my little camera in Maddie’s glasses.

I like this time-delay, back-lit shot a lot.

Little girl growing up.

Maddie caught this fish (more like: fish-ette).

Maddie and Pampa paddling toward the mountain.

OK, Pamps. I’m pooped.

Pampa and the tow-line heading for home.

Pampa and his paddlin’ pal.

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