Trump Tariffs Could Clobber US Auto Industry

There are no 100-percent-made U.S. autos left.

Hey, wanna buy a 100 percent American-made car in order to beat the Trump Administration tariffs and to support American workers? And, if you act right now, we have a free bridge in Brooklyn for you. And we’ll pay the shipping!

Yep, it’s true: ain’t no All-American cars left on the planet. Not one. The “most American” car is a Honda (actually two Hondas, the  Odyssey minivan and Ridgeline pickup), about 75 percent of which are American-made. The most native American car is the Corvette, which is two-thirds American.

Most parts for “American” cars are made overseas and many “American” cars are put together in Mexico, according to this story from CNN/Money. “The only automaker that builds all its American cars at a US plant is Tesla. But even Tesla imports roughly half the parts it uses,” says the story. Every major American car maker has a Mexican plant.

The American Automotive Policy Council says one to two million jobs could be cut in auto manufacturing with Trump’s tariffs, which increasingly look like they’re formulated to cause a depression. Obama saved the U.S. auto industry during his first term. Trump seems intent on killing it. And, hey, we won’t even talk about Harley-Davidson–the AMERICAN motorcycle–planning to move some of its manufacturing work overseas as a result of the tariffs. This is the company Trump promised would benefit from his presidency.




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