A Hot 4th for Food and Family

Evan attacks crispy, fired-up burgers.

My Margie and her buddy, Oz.

Our family (the Smiths and Dickersons) did a little 4th of July porking (and beefing) out yesterday and, as usual, fitting in the different tastes and food requirements was the first challenge.

I was in charge of getting all the hotdogs and sausages and my instructions included: all-pork smoked sausage; normal American hotdogs (and all the shit that is in them); all beef hotdogs. Found all of that at one single big box store and everyone seemed satisfied.

My son, Evan, did the grilling–as he tends to do; he’s a real Homer Simpson on the grill–and he came up with some small, crips hamburgers that Margie and I just loved. About half the size of a normal burger, but full of flavor. His marinated chicken was good, too.

Three generations of Smith boys.

I contributed fresh garden tomatoes and Evan grilled some corn on the cobb, while the table also contained a variety of fresh, raw veggies, a yellow tomato, lima beans and a home made (by Judy Dickerson) raspberry pie (with whipped cream in a can–shhhhhhhhhhh!).

Grandgirl Maddie was at camp for the 4th, so my grandboy, Oz, was well behaved. No competing for attention. It was a fun evening with good conversation and no mention of you know who.

Kara was the Queen of the 4th.

My best girl, still in her scrubs, and me. (Yes, my shirt does say “FBI Witness Protection” and yes, people have asked me if “it is real?”

It was hot, so Evan’s glass bent.

Grill Master and the Queen of the 4th.

Oz behaved, so we didn’t need the heavy drugs.

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