My Team for Overnight Sensations

This is my team with director Trina Yancey in yellow and writer Erica Zephyr in stripes. That’s me on the left and then Vanessa Mitts, Jeanemarie Laucella, Ryan Koch, Mary Jean Levin and Jeremy Ratliff.

We gathered to pick teams, writers, directors, plots and locations tonight for tomorrow’s production of “Overnight Sensations” at Mill Mountain Theatre. The six 10-minute plays begin at 8 p.m. and the best news is that IT’S FREE!

This is an annual event (12th year, 10th for me) and it is a hoot. We mix rank amateurs (like me) with professional actors, directors and playwrights and see what we can come up with in 24 hours. It’s usually good and anything that isn’t is over before you can get mad. Come join us.

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