Maddie and Pampa Go to the Theater

Maddie taking some play shots.
Maddie and her granny.

If it’s early June and a Saturday night, it must be time for Madeline and me to meet in a reserved seat at Mill Mountain Theatre between plays at Overnight Sensations. And that’s just what happened last night.

Maddie was accompanied by her young buddy, Vanessa, her maternal grandmother Judy Dickerson and my friend, Susan. I was in a play and backstage for half of the total performance, but finally got to join them for the last half. And we had a blast–as usual.

Is she taller or am I shorter?

Maddie had come–almost directly–from camp at Alta Mons, where she spent last week, and she’ll be gone next week to GEMS camp at Mountain Shepherd Survival School. The kid is really getting a chunk of life–which makes me very happy.

I ran into a lot of people I know and like (including my old buddy Becky Hepler) and some I had not met before but now do.

“We’re Facebook friends,” is a great intro line.

(Photos by my friend, Susan.)

Posing with Maddie and her bud, Vanessa.


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