Maddie and Me: The Business Lunch

A lunch stop at Isabella’s for Maddie and me.

My favorite part of the meal.

Drove over to Lynchburg today with my grandgirl Maddie to hear a book pitch (me writing, him pitching) and on the way back to the ‘Noke, we stopped at one of my favorite ‘Burg eateries: Isabella’s.

This is a lovely European-style restaurant in the Boonesboro Shopping Center and we were treated with grace and lovely food, beginning with exquisite olive oil, balsamic vinegar and homemade whole grain bread.

I warned Maddie not to try to eat anything larger than her head and she, being 13, ignored me. She boxed up about 3/4 of the pizza and will have more for dinner. I did the same with the giant salad. We’ll spread the joy for another meal. Yum.

Oh, and yes, Maddie sat in on the business meeting with me. Thought she’d learn something. She seemed to enjoy it.

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