Like Father, Like Son … Again

Evan with his squares…

… Me with my rounds.

My daughter-in-law likes to compare my son and me in all the ways we are similar, saying “like father, like son,” as she goes along. I was delighted Saturday when I got the chance to say it back.

Kara ran a photo of my son, Evan, on Facebook, showing off his new glasses. I got my new pair Saturday and did the same. Here we are, side-by-side, new glasses and all. The difference? His are square, mine are round. They both were ordered online from Zenni.

Oh, and by the way: Zenni has proved to be quite the entertainment value for Margie, who spent a good bit of time yesterday “trying on” glasses online. Zenni has a feature wherein you download a photo of yourself (with the proper pupillary distance–PD, which you get from your eye doc–noted), click the glasses you like and, viola! they are put on your face in the photo.

The glasses, themselves are so inexpensive ($30 for Evan’s, $32 for mine, both with bi-focal lenses) that you can buy several pairs at once, like buying non-prescription sunglasses. I have bought from Zenni twice already and the glasses each time were exactly as advertised–and they fit perfectly.

It’s a new world out there, boys and girls, and fathers and sons, mothers and daughters can explore it together..

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